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As a long time member of our community, I am deeply invested in the wellbeing and prosperity of our Township. I bring a fresh perspective, dedication, and a genuine desire to serve our community as your Township clerk.

Transparency, accountably and ensuring that the voices of our residents are heard are the cornerstones of my campaign.


Martha has 25 plus years as an active Real Estate agent and has successfully owned, operated and managed Rosebud restaurant, in Grand Haven for 27 years.

Her skills as an agent requires a background in finance, contract negotiations, and attention to detail; all requirements for a successful and dedicated clerk.

Utilizing skills from her years in business, Martha is able to respond to unexpected situations, and to pivot from one issue to another with ease. Her extensive involvement in business gives her the ability to handle complex situations with authority and professionalism.


The Committee to Elect Matha Adamczky
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