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Jeff  has Served as Spring Lake Village Council member and has volunteered  his times to area churches and ministries in nearly every capacity. Jeff has worked with local, state, and national organizations to better our community and improve our enjoyment of life. The current need for stronger, transparent and honest representation on the township board is his next endeavor.

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  • Broaden communication of township meetings and information flow. It is better this past year, but further improvements are necessary and easy.

  • Review our excessive ordinances. Thin the book, not thicken it, with comprehensive guidelines.

  • Publicize the Master Plan on a regular cycle to ensure that all residents are well informed.

  • Change township board culture to foster communication with the community.

  • Use his experiences to conduct township business and research issues for better decision making.

  • Collaborate more with our neighboring communities for best practices and transparency.

  • Promote our local assets.

  • Enhance public safety.

  • Of course, advance the quality of the waterways we’re surrounded by.

  • Work towards what is right, not  what has been.

The Committee to Elect Jeff Ferguson
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